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Eos-Consult is an embedded software consultancy company concentrating on putting the different pieces together to create embedded software applications in the most efficient way.

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  • Tailormade apps based on TravelTales


'Hernings Hemmelige Historier' is a tailormade application based on the TravelTales technology.

If you would like a similar custom build app with your own vivid journey contents, this is surely possible. Please contact Eos-Consult for further details of this offering.






  • Secret Stories of Herning
    – powered by Komo A/S


In April 2013 Herning celebrated it's 100 years anniversary. For this event dedicated applications for Android and iPhone were made to allow the users to listen in on some of the important events that took place in Herning during the first 100 years.


Find the secret places in Herning where you for instance can listen to the words of Ingvar Cronhammar and his thoughts on Elia or you can hear the sad story from the 2nd World War where a dad was wrongfully sent to jail. 


Search for 'Hernings Hemmelige Historier' at Google Play or in the iPhone App store or follow the link below to install the special 'Hernings Hemmelige Historier' application.

If you use the ordinary TravelTales application, you will find the journey files at

The story is powered by Komo A/S, the media marketing production company which is typically providing sound engineering, actors and storytellers for TravelTales events.




  • Version 3.4 of TravelTales has been released.


This version includes a major redesign of the user interface for the iPhone and Android handsets. Furthermore the phone will now optionally vibrate when reaching a location.

The R3.4 was made from request by the Danish Orienteering Federation and for DOF a new server has been added: Find vej i DK. This server is meant to hold all Find vej projects. 



You can find release notes and interoper-ability status reports in the TravelTales web site:





  • Danish Orientering Federation to license TravelTales 


Along with the 'Find vej i Københavns Havn' project, the Danish Orienteering Federation has decided to license TravelTales.


The license acquired is a special license that allows all member clubs to purchase individual licenses for a one time fee.


The Nordea foundation has made a generous contribution to the next step of 'Find vej i...' - 'Find vej PLUS'. The member clubs can apply for funds for making journeys for TravelTales. See more here


For more information please contact Eos-Consult or the Danish Orienteering Federation through the 'Find vej i...' project.




  • The goddess in her chariot


What is story behind the company name and why do you find pictures of an ancient Greek goddess in her chariot here...?


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