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Eos-Consult is an embedded software consultancy company concentrating on putting the different pieces together to create embedded software applications in the most efficient way.

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  • TravelTales


One product developed by Eos-Consult is called TravelTales, and in september 2010 the first release was made available for Symbian based devices.

In September 2011 an Android version of TravelTalees was made available and in the end of 2012 a version was ready for iOS.


More details can be found on the dedicated TravelTales domain:


Here you can also find release notes and test status. Technical information will appear on this domain rather than here.










  • Komo A/S and Eos-Consult


During the autumn 2010 Eos-Consult has assisted media marketing production company, Komo A/S, in developing and deploying a new application that will be used as a platform for a new market segment.
"We've been discussing this application for some years now, but until now the available technology has not been mature enough to host this new type of product. But now the technology is here, and the partnership with Eos-Consult offers a good way forward when it comes to the actual implementation." Ole Viinberg partner of Komo A/S says.

It is actually the perfect combination and just the reason why Eos-Consult is here: The people with Komo A/S are experts in making sound and video marketing, but when it comes to software developement and the selection among different technologies for data communication, the company obviously hasn't got this kind of expertise.

This is where Eos-Consult can assist: Making technology evalutations and handling the software development and maintenance that is part of the idea.






With J2ME TravelTales the software and the mobile technology are actually only enablers for providing a unique experience to the user. An experience that will allow the user

to discover the world around him in a new way.


"Indeed an interesting project!" Ole Viinberg from Komo A/S smiles and he continues: "With the addition of Android and iOS (iPhone, iPod, etc.) handsets the cooperation has expanded and more projects have been finalized - and several new ones are in the making"...


For more information on the entire vivid experience, please contact the media marketing production company, Komo A/S.






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