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About Eos-Consult

Eos-Consult is an embedded software consultancy company concentrating on putting the different pieces together to create embedded software applications in the most efficient way.

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  • TravelTales


One product developed by Eos-Consult is called TravelTales. It is a software application  providing location based storytelling.


Versions are available for the followng platforms:


◦   J2ME (Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition)
     - Target devices are mobile phones

◦   Windows 2000 / Windows Vista (demo only)
     - Target devices are laptops

◦   Android and iPhone
     - Target devices are smart phones


If you would like a custom build app with your own vivid journey contents based on the TravelTales technology, this is surely possible. Please contact Eos-Consult for further details of this offering.



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  • TravelTales Box


TravelTales Box is based on a small embedded Linux computer. It activates a sound file based on movement and can be used inside buildings where the TravelTales smartphone app is not accurate.
TravelTales Box needs only to be powered to work and comes with a mini jack where you can connect your speakers.
TravelTales Box plays in stereo, but by daisy chaining multiple Box'es, more channels are available for a complete surround sound experience.













  • Knowledge areas


The following areas are the technical and process oriented areas where Eos-Consult has a substantial knowledge and more than ten years of experience:


Process oriented areas

◦   Requirements clarification and specification

◦   Embedded software application design
◦   Embedded software architecture
◦   Software development

    - Assembler like languages, C/C++/C#, J2ME and Android
◦   Software development processes

◦   Automated testing


Technical areas

◦   Packet processors for data communication
◦   Digital signal processors for coding, compression

    and encryption

◦   TCP/IP protocols


◦   Message queing protocols

    - ZeroMQ, MQTT, AMQP, etc.   
◦   IPSec and cryptographic building blocks
    - Streamciphers, blockciphers, AES, SHA, IKE, etc.

◦   Public key infrastructure and the building blocks
    - x.509 certificates, key exchange protcols, RSA, Diffie-

      Hellman, etc.

◦   Bluetooth & GPS
◦   Data communication networks

    - xDSL, point-2-point fiber, GPON, mobile access, etc.

◦   Broadband Forums access standards

    - TR-101, TR-156, TR-167 and WT-201

◦   IEEE, ITU-T and IETF standards

    - Mainly in access, metro and security areas

◦   UMA / GAN applications




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