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Eos-Consult is an embedded software consultancy company concentrating on putting the different pieces together to create embedded software applications in the most efficient way.

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  • Background


When the Ericsson development unit within Broadband Access, was closed in Struer (Denmark) in 2010, the software development process had evolved from being merely 'an ordinary software development unit' into a software factory.
This software factory produced reliable releases every 4 weeks in a high and known quality that could be shipped directly into large customer networks.
With a code base of 1.5 million lines of code, this gave some challenges but with a firm grip of the
software development process, the team succeeded.


The software development team worked with an embedded application using agile methods. The software architecture and application were designed in such a way that it could run on very different hardware platforms and operating systems.
Eventhough approximately 20 different variants of the Broadband access products were using this software - spanning from ADSL, VDSL over SHDSL, GPON and point-to-point fiber - only one source code was maintained.
Thus, a bug found in one product could be corrected once and for all in every product. Furthermore there was an extremely high degree of feature allignment between the products, which made the job for the market units when selling the products, easier.


The software application was named "Eos" after the goddess of dawn from the Greek mythology.
However, the name Eos covered more than just the software application. It also covered the Eos Way of Working, which made it possible for the team to reach the level of maturity that this team had.





Thus, it seemed logical to use 'Eos' in the company name when it was officially founded in 2010.

Furthermore the poetic aspect of the dawn of a new day, matches very well with the core value of "Producing software the efficient way..." - i.e. opening the eyes of embedded software companies for a more efficient way of handling embedded software development. 


  • Who is this Eos person really...?


    Eos is, in Greek mythology, the Titan goddess of the dawn, who rose from her home at the edge of Oceanus, the Ocean that surrounds the world, to herald her brother Helios, the sun.
    She is pictured on Attic vases as a supernaturally beautiful woman, crowned with a tiara or diadem and with the large white-feathered wings of a bird often in her chariot flying over the sea.


    Please read the 'Background' section above for the reference to the company name.

    If you wish to dig deeper have a look at Wikipedia. 



    • The digital artist behind the company picture


    The company picture of the goddess of the dawn has been provided by the digtal artist, Drezdany.

    Have a look at her work at the digital arts community, deviantART.




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